January 10, Renewable Energy Group

Environmental Action Team – Renewable Energy Group

Last Updated: January 10, 2017

Members: Peg La Point (Coordinator), Doug Henderson, Loretta Hogg, Sarah Pitts, Tom La Point, and Bob Vocke

Consumer Guide: Renewable Energy in Larimer County:

The Renewable Energy Group has compiled information to assist Larimer County consumers to know more about green energy and local sources. We believe that as more of us choose Green Energy, providers will be motivated to increase their development of Green Energy and decrease their use of fossil fuels.


Hosting January Renewable Energy Meeting:

Local organizations working on renewable energy issues are being invited to a casual discussion (proposed 4:00 pm January 26th). We hope to facilitate communication between groups and share goals and topics of interest. Potential attendees include: Fort Collins Sustainability Group, Fort Collins Citizens Climate Lobby, Community for Sustainable Energy, Coloradans Resisting Extreme Energy Development, Clean Energy Action, Colorado Solar Energy Industry Association, Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Protect Our Loveland, 350.ORG Fort Collins, and Foothills Unitarian Universalist Church.

Water-Energy Nexus:

We are currently developing information for the LWV – Larimer County web site that explains the water/energy nexus. The water-energy nexus is the relationship between water and energy resources. Understanding the interactions, interdependencies, synergies, conflicts, and trade-offs between these two resources is necessary in order to identify and implement mutually beneficial strategies for their management and use. Energy production requires large quantities of water and conversely, water usage requires large amounts of energy. Water is needed to cool thermoelectric power plants and extract fossil fuels from the ground. Energy is needed for water treatment and distribution to agricultural, industrial, and residential customers and for wastewater treatment.

Home Energy Efficiency Improvements:

We are interested in programs for energy efficiency improvements to homes of low-income residents, possibly in collaboration with our Affordable Housing Group. Implementing home efficiency programs would assist Fort Collins in achieving its Climate Action Plan Framework goals.

Follow the link to download this update in a word document format: eat-renewable-energy-group-3-jan102017-draft.