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Larimer County, Colorado
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The Health Care Team is devoted to education about and advocacy for the League's position for comprehensive, quality, affordable health care, including behavioral health, for all.

Our team monitors state and national legislation, studies health reform proposals, and provides members and the community with educational and advocacy programs. 

We collaborate with other community organizations, Leagues in Colorado and the country on resources, speakers ,and programs of interest on the issue.

The team meets monthly, generally on the 

Second Thursday of the month, at 11:30am

Windtrail CARE Housing Community Room, 

2120 Bridgefield Lane, Fort Collins.

Any changes to schedule or location will be posted in League Lines.

Upcoming Events
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Current Team Highlights

On November 6, 2018, voters approved a sales tax to fund mental and behavioral health services and a new facility in Larimer County.

Ballot Issue 1A

Why Do We Need a Mental Health Initiative? This educational panel on September 24, 2018 was co-sponsored by the Larimer County League's Heath Care and Civil Liberties Teams, Loveland's AAUW, and Citizens Advisory Committee for Mental Health. Panelists included Fred Garcia (LC Citizens Advisory Committee, Mental Health Matters); Mary Maldonado (parent, NAMI); Kathi Wright (parent); Kurtis Royer (addictions counselor); Jeff Jensen (local supporter); Gary Darling (LC Criminal Justice Svcs). To view a video of the event, click the button below:

Video - Mental Health Initiative Panel Presentation

Advocacy, Research, and Education

Mental and Behavioral Health

After Ballot Issue 1A was approved by Larimer County voters in 2018, updates about the Behavioral Health Policy Council, Technical Advisory Committee, and the Facility Design Team Timeline may be found on the Larimer County Behavioral Health web page. The Community Master Plan for Behavioral Health Services (PDF, 227 pages) can also be found on this page.

Behavioral Health Study: The LWV of Colorado’s Task Force on Behavioral Health completed its study in May 2014. Their final report gives an overview of the components of Colorado’s public behavioral health system – structure, services, financing and policy - including those within the prison system. Promising practices and the League recommendations are included. Following the study a consensus was taken in the fall 2015 which led to the adoption of a new position on behavioral health. In June 2016 the LWVUS adopted this position by concurrence at the National Convention.

Videos and DVDs on Health Care

Health, Money and FearA film documentary produced by Dr. Paul Hochfeld, an Emergency Room physician in Corvallis, Oregon.  It may be viewed on the website or ordered as DVD.  An excellent resource discussing the drivers of cost in the current, chaotic health care system and how a single payer system would address cost containment.  48” in length

Sick Around The WorldJournalist T.R. Reid travels to five industrialized countries and examines their health care systems, noting both challenges and successes.  The documentary can be viewed online, purchased from PBS, or found in many public libraries.  55” in length  The Healing of America is Reid’s book based on the documentary.

The Health Care Movie:Produced by a Canadian/American couple the film reveals the story of how the health care systems in Canada and the United States evolved to be so completely different, when at one point they were essentially the same.  The intense political struggle that led to the universal medical care system in Canada and the public relations campaigns in the U.S. that continue to dissuade the public from supporting national health care are outlined.  Order from the website.  65″ in length.

"Community at Work" series on KRFC radio:
LC Public Health Director Tom Gonzales Interview, 8/01/19
La Cocina: Interview with Janina Farinas, 9/13/19

Community Resources for

Mental and Behavioral Health in Larimer County

Commonwealth Fund:Private foundation that aims to promote a high-performing healthcare system by supporting independent research on healthcare issues and making grants to improve healthcare practice and policy.

Families USA: A nonprofit advocacy and educational organization dedicated to affordable, quality health care for all.  State health beat resources outline what is happening in the states. Electronic newsletters available.

Kaiser Family Foundation: A nonprofit, private foundation (NOT affiliated with Kaiser Permanente), focusing on major healthcare issues in the US.  It develops and runs its own research and communications programs, and serves as a nonpartisan source of facts, information, and analysis for policymakers, the media, the healthcare community, and the public.  Excellent source of statistics, including statistics for each state.  Conference calls and podcasts.


Healthcare-NOW!:  A nonprofit, education and advocacy organization that addresses the health care crisis in the US by supporting grassroots efforts advocating for the passage of national, single-payer, health care legislation.


National Women’s Law Center:  A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization researching, educating and advocating on issues for girls and women.  The “Reform Matters” project focuses on progressive health care reform.


Physicians for a National Health Program:  A nonprofit research and education organization of 18,000 physicians, medical students, and health professionals and local chapters who support single payer national health insurance.  The website has many resources for learning about single payer NHI and HR 676, including “Frequently Asked Questions,” and “Quote of the Day” by Don McCanne (can subscribe to daily comments about current events)