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Larimer County, Colorado
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Program Priorities

Over its nearly 100 year history, the national League of Women Voters has developed position statements on a wide array of political issues. These positions are the result of in-depth study and analysis by members and member consensus to adopt the position statements.  The position statements listed below represent the outcomes of this process at a national, state, and local level.

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Upcoming Events

Research, Positions, and Advocacy

LWVUS Positions

LWVCO Positions

The current Impact on Issues reflects the 2018-2020 program adopted by the 2018 convention of the LWVUS; the “positions in brief” listed there summarize the official statements of positions included in this guide. This document is updated following each biennial convention.   
More Information on Current Issues and Advocacy

LWV Larimer County Positions

Local Planning

Support for maintaining and strengthening a sense of place and community identity in Larimer  County communities by encouraging the use of downtown areas as the primary cultural and governmental centers and by using a variety of measures to insure the economic vitality of downtown  areas. Encourage the inclusion of a mix of goods and services and of housing types to attract a diverse group of people, including families.

Support of adequate funding for comprehensive planning and its implementation, including periodic review and monitoring, by Larimer County and its cities and towns. This should include intergovernmental and regional planning.

Support for the principle that the costs of capital improvements resulting from growth should be borne by those who benefit from them but that special allowances should be made for affordable housing and for natural areas.

Continued support for acquisition of open space.

Number of Larimer County Commissioners

Supports increasing the number of Larimer County Commissioners from three to five and exclusively supports the following two election options for the ballot:

Five commissioners, each elected by voters in their representative districts.

Three commissioners elected by voters in their representative districts and two countywide commissioners elected at-large.

Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)

The League of Women Voters of Larimer County supports an alternative to plurality voting that would accomplish the following objectives:

  • Every person’s vote should count.
  • A winner should have majority support.
  • Furthermore, we also support alternatives that can be expected to:
  • maximize voter participation;
  • be open to a variety of candidates and ideas; encourage positive, issue-based campaigning.

We believe that in single-seat elections, IRV (Instant Runoff voting) has the best chance of meeting these objectives.

Library Funding

The LWV-LC supports funding of public libraries in Larimer County either through voter-approved property tax or a combination of dedicated property tax and public general fund revenue. Dedicated property tax provides a more stable and predictable source of funding for public libraries than one that depends solely on general fund revenues.