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Larimer County, Colorado
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Participants observe local government meetings and report on what has occurred for the benefit of the League as well as the public. Observers learn more about what is happening within our government and, by their presence and submitting reports, encourage government bodies to be more open, accessible, and responsive to those they serve. 

Observers maintain the nonpartisan stance of the League of Women Voters of Larimer County. Prior to a meeting, Observers introduce themselves and wear nametags that identify him or herself as a League member.  However, Observers do just that—observe. They do not speak on any issues.

During the meeting, Observers take notes regarding any action or discussion they consider noteworthy, including the names of those speaking and voting, as well as how participants voted.
Notes from any local observation may be accessed BY League Members in our Document folder in Club Express.

The Larimer County League is very interested in having the meetings of government agencies across Larimer County become more transparent through our observations. ANY government agency is observable—from school board meetings through City and County council meetings.

To find out about how to become a LWVLC Observer, please contact acting Team Leader Jane Hamburger at 

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Upcoming Events


Observer Corps Rides Again!


Looking for an important, low-key way to participate with the Larimer County League? 


Observer Corps is a long-standing tradition of LWV to bear witness to our government. All levels and all public meetings are potential. This is an excellent way to serve league in a non-activist, yet very important role. In the history of Larimer County, we’ve had a strong presence at Fort Collins City Council and Larimer County Commissioners (THANK YOU Janet Fritz, Mary Jo Schaefer and to the memory of Wanda Mayberry!). Our observer effort has waned in recent years, but member Jane Hamburger is revitalizing this important role for us! 


Please reach out to Jane if you are at all curious to cover one of more than a HUNDRED public meetings in our county. She can share the list (boards and commissions count) which tells the times and frequency. We rely on our observers to take notes that show us what is happening… are meetings run in an orderly way? Was the agenda followed? Are there agenda items that one of our issues teams may like to be aware of? And so on. 


Maybe you’ve considered running for one of the school boards and you’re already following the group? Maybe you are curious whether a certain group actually is nonpartisan? There are many interesting reasons to participate in our collection of notes about governing organizations in our community. 


We suggest you attend once as a citizen to see if you would like to follow consistently, and are willing to do so without inserting comments. And then we’d hope for 6 months commitment to make it worth the introduction of a LWV observer. 


Please call or email Jane Hamburger,; (970) 689-3663 to discuss these many opportunities for LWV participation to help safeguard governance of our community.