Voter Services Team Update

Criminal Justice Coalition  After the June 13th Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition presentation and armed with the information about voting rights for individuals with criminal backgrounds, our voter registration circulators successfully register 2 individuals who believed they could no longer vote.  It was rewarding to register these citizens and reinstate their right to vote.  They … More Voter Services Team Update

Healthcare Team Celebrates Medicare Birthday

The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care and the League are co-sponsoring a birthday party, honoring the 52nd birthday of Medicare.  Members from the Health Care  team will hand out Medicare fliers, voter information, and Vote 411 bookmarks.  Join us! Saturday, July 22, Oak Street Farmers’ Market, 8:00 am – 12 noon.  Contact Joyce DeVaney with … More Healthcare Team Celebrates Medicare Birthday

Civic Engagement: Being Heard

This Saturday we’ll be joining the Poudre Library District to wrap up the third part of a series Civics @ Your Library.  This final installment, in the Harmony Library Community Room will explore ways to actively participate in government regardless of your age, political party, or tech-skills. Carrie Bennett, League volunteer and Fort Collins-based facilitator/mediator … More Civic Engagement: Being Heard

Great Decisions to Discuss Politics in Latin America

The pendulum of Latin American politics is swinging rightward once again. Yet as the “pink tide” recedes, the forces of change have more to do with socioeconomics than ideology. Dramatic economic and political crises have coincided in countries like Brazil and Venezuela. Still, the final result for Latin America may be the emergence of centrist, … More Great Decisions to Discuss Politics in Latin America

Voter Services Reaching out to Incarcerated Population

The Voter Service Team is expanding our outreach goal to register groups of eligible citizens who have low voter participation.  People with criminal convictions are one of our target groups. Join the Voter Service Team at a breakfast meeting for a lively and informative morning with Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CCJRC).  At this meeting, … More Voter Services Reaching out to Incarcerated Population