Voter Services Update

VOTE 411 Traffic Increases!

Have you been on line to to learn about candidates and ballot issues for a previous election?  It’s a great source of information.  Just  enter your address and zip code.  Get your personalized ballot for only those candidates/issues on your next ballot and compare candidates answers to LWVLC questions.

In November 2017, saw increased traffic from the previous off-year election in 2015: In Fort Collins, a 105% increase in the number of sessions; in Larimer County, the increase was 88%; and overall in Colorado, the increase was 125%.

For 2018, is reaching Wellington, Timnath and Berthoud for the April 3 local elections.  Candidate responses (unedited) to our questions and their contact information will be on line by the second week of March.

Upcoming Elections

In addition to these local elections, there are three additional elections this year.

  • Health District of Northern Colorado election May 8.
  • State primary election June 26
  • General Election November 6

In Larimer County, we provide information for local candidates and ballot issues.  LWVCO inputs question for statewide candidates and ballot issues, including the June primary election.

Volunteer to help!

If you like to work at home and on computers, our Vote411 team is for you. We’re a small, committed group.  Please contact Anne Thompson  You will receive training; most of the work can be done at home about six weeks prior to each election.

Volunteers needed for Publication Distribution

We have newly revised publications that need to be distributed to locations throughout our LWVLC area.   The flyer, Your Voice Your Vote is available in Spanish as well as English.  And the skinny flyer (formerly called a bookmark) about is now ready.  Volunteer to distribute these greatly appreciated publications by contacting Mary Lou Linton ( and arranging for pick-up and distribution.

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