League Supports Women’s March: January 21

This week the LWVUS Board of Directors voted unanimously  for the League to participate officially in the DC March.  Closer to home,  Denver will also host a Women’s March on the same day. While LWV is never partisan and is never “for” or “against” candidates, we have clear positions under attack.  These include, but are not limited to, the Affordable Care Act and a reproductive freedom of choice. According to the LWVUS Board and Chris Carson, LWVUS President :

This is an opportunity for the League to make our voice heard on our priorities. We march for voting rights. We march to reform money in politics. We march for health care. We march for the environment.  These are our core issues and we want to ensure they are front and center….

…When I think about our heritage, I am proud that the League will participate in this historic day, which will bring Americans together in the spirit of democracy. After all, the League was founded because women and men marched.

This month, the League will march again. We are Making Democracy Work!

The Women’s March on Denver will be from 9-3:00 in Civic Center Park.  More information can be found on the Women’s March on Denver Website or on their Facebook event.

To connect with other members of the League of Women Voters of Colorado meet in the front courtyard in front of the LWVCO Office Office (1410 Grant St., Suite B204, Denver, CO 80203). at 8:30 A.M., Sat., Jan. 21, 2107.  League Members will carry LWVCO’s banner and vertical sign plus additional signs that highlight League’s purpose.

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