League Announces Support for Mental Health and Detox Facility

On September 12th, the League of Women Voters of Larimer County announced its support for Larimer County Ballot Issue 1-A, Mental Health, Detox/Substance Abuse Facility and Services. The ballot issue calls for a county-wide sales and use tax of 25₵ on $100 dollars, beginning January 1, 2017 for a period of 25 years, to build, improve, maintain, and operate a treatment and detox facility for mental health, alcohol and drug abuse, and associated support services in connection with this facility.

In making this decision, the League cited that 1 in 4 people in Larimer County, plus their families, friends, employers and co-workers, are affected by behavioral health issues —  mental illness and substance abuse.

The proposed Larimer County behavioral health facility and services ballot issue presents a more cost efficient and effective short term and long term alternative to the current use of jails and emergency rooms for individuals experiencing behavioral health crises.

Accessible, affordable ongoing behavioral health care treatment and support offer much greater opportunities for affected individuals to recover their health and self-sufficiency — a good investment for all of Larimer County. To read the full position statement from the League of Women Voters of Larimer County, please download the full PDF..


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