Election 2016 Resources

We voters want to be able to make informed decisions when we cast our ballots. The challenge is to find fair and balanced information so we can make up our own minds on how to vote. The League of Women Voters of Larimer County, as part of its voter education program, is a long-standing, go-to source for unbiased information on ballot issues and candidates’ unedited responses to question of local interest.

Online Resources

The League of Women Voters’ VOTE411.org website lets you register to vote or check the accuracy of your personal voter registration records, tells you what races and issues are on the current, includes candidates’ unedited responses to general interest questions, and a description and pro-con discussion on all ballot issues

Live Candidate Forums

LWV sponsors and moderates candidate forums where voters can listen to the candidates and interact with them during question and answer periods. Check our Calendar and Updates for the who, what, where and when of these informative forums.

Live Ballot Issues Presentations

The League of Women Voters of Larimer County presents many public ballot issues meetings at times and places throughout Larimer County. Our members explain each ballot issue and then present arguments for as well as against each ballot issue. It’s a great opportunity for you to get the information you need to understand the ballot issues and make up your own mind.

These presentations are not debates that try to persuade voters on the ballot issues; they are purely informational. Check our Calendar and Updates for when and where you can attend one of LWV’s free ballot issue presentations or contact us to set up your own presentation.

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