July Book Club-July 13

Each month LWV Larimer County hosts an “Informed Voter Book Club.”  These evenings events give community members an opportunity to come together to discuss.  Book club nights are hosted at Old Firehouse Books in Old Town Fort Collins. green boat

This month, come join us at 6:00 PM on July 13 for thoughtful discussion ab0ut The Green Boat by Mary Pipher.  According to the author’s website:

Every day we are hit by a tidal wave of information, including a great deal of traumatic information about the fate of Mother Earth. Yet our basic equipment—our bodies and brains—have not changed since the Neolithic Era. We simply are not built to respond well. The Green Boat posits a trauma to transcendence cycle that begins with awareness and leads first to resilient coping and then in many people to what I call a transcendent response.

As our web of life becomes tattered and torn, it is easy to become disconnected from our emotions, our bodies, each other, and the truth. The Green Boat suggests that we can only be sane and healthy by reconnecting with these things. Our inner and outer lives are interconnected. Healing ourselves will require us to reweave the web of life around us.

If you find you’re unable to read the book or attend our event, check out Mary Pipher’s TED talk about the book HERE.


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