Voting Information and Public Resources


The League of Women Voters’ traces its history to the women’s suffrage movement which resulted in the 1920 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. We know how precious the right to vote is! Throughout our almost 100 years, we have been dedicated to protecting voting rights and to registering new voters.

If you are a Colorado resident and not registered to vote, or need to update your information, click HERE.  You will be directed to the Colorado Secretary of State website where you can complete all those important tasks!

We are equally committed to providing voters with the information they need to be able to make informed decisions We are nonpartisan –we never endorse, support or oppose any political candidate or political party. Our voter education materials and events present unbiased pro-con discussion on all ballot issues.

In addition to our voter education activities, we advocate on ballot issues and other important political matters, but only after in-depth research, study, and analysis, followed by members’ consensus on a position statement.

The League of Women Voters encourages its members and all of the public to become active participants in the political process across all levels of government!

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Public Resources

Our Larimer County LWV sponsors many activities and materials to provide the public with information on important local, state and national issues. We hope you are already familiar with these public resources:

  1. Send a message to elected officials.  Follow the link for a full list of contact information across levels of government.  Updated February, 2017.
  2. Online voter registration from the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.
  3. CrossCurrents– a voter education TV program, moderated by LWV Larimer County’s trained members, that presents speakers both in favor of and opposed to local issues. CrossCurrents is produced by LWV in coordination with the City of Fort Collins.
  4. — the LWV-sponsored website where you can register to vote, check your registration, get unbiased information about your ballot issues and your political candidates’ unedited responses to general interest questions.
  5. Our calendar lists candidate forums and other public interest events that we sponsor or moderate.
  6. Learn more about our Larimer County, Colorado and national LWV position statements
  7. Larimer County LWV’s op-ed articles in the Coloradoan.
  8. Materials produced on a wide range of topics by our  LWV Larimer County Teams.

Contact Your Elected Officials!