Affordable Housing and Green Energy: REVIVE

Members of the League interested in affordable housing, energy conservation and renewable energy are invited to attend an Open House at the Revive development in Fort Collins ( 1:00 pm on September 15, at 225 Green Leaf #12. The goals of Revive are:To provide sustainable, renewable energy-powered and healthy homes for the average homeowner. Revive has accomplished their goals through … More Affordable Housing and Green Energy: REVIVE

Great Decisions Explores Petroleum and US Foreign Policy

On Monday, May 1 from 11:30 to 1:30 (brown-bag lunch) at Plymouth Congregational Church (916 W Prospect Rd, Fort Collins) the International Relations Team will host a Great Decisions discussion exploring how the U.S. petroleum security impacts foreign policy. For 45 years, the country has alternated between periods of energy security and insecurity, sometimes able … More Great Decisions Explores Petroleum and US Foreign Policy

Contact Your Leadership…at any level!

Northern Colorado Elected Officials: Contact Information Contacting elected officials whose decisions impact your day-to-day life is a GREAT way to be advocate for the issues and policies that are important to you.  While it may be possible to keep everyone happy all of the time, information from constituents helps inform decision-making across levels of our … More Contact Your Leadership…at any level!

Crosscurrents: Funding Transportation Needs

Given both current and projected growth in Northern Colorado and across the Front Range, the demands on our transportation system are increasing dramatically.  Sadly, funds to keep up with needs (both for existing infrastructure and expansion) lag far behind. Join us on February 23, 2017 at 7 pm for a CrossCurrents examination: “How to Fund … More Crosscurrents: Funding Transportation Needs

League of Women Voters: Nonpartisan AND Strong Advocates

Although many think of the League of Women Voters as a resource during election season, our chapters are active all year, every year!  Since the November election, our league and many others have been more active than ever in continuing to advocate for positions that we have taken.  The League only advocates on issues after … More League of Women Voters: Nonpartisan AND Strong Advocates

Soapbox: Value of Activism with Local Government

It’s no secret that many of us are now looking for best ways to step up our political lives. New organizations and events are springing up because people are asking “What can we do?” The League of Women Voters, proudly politically nonpartisan, has been active for nearly a century encouraging citizen participation in government. An … More Soapbox: Value of Activism with Local Government

Issue Team Updates

Our various issue teams are busy as ever studying and advocating for their respective causes.  Check out the latest here. International Relations Discusses the EU after Brexit The outcome of the United Kingdom referendum on EU membership sent shock waves across the globe. It even caught British voters by surprise. The European Union has helped … More Issue Team Updates