Environmental Action Team

The Environmental Action Team (EAT) is divided into three groups with three separate leaders. Each group decides what issues it wants to study/research, and how to share the information that it derives. The groups and their accomplishments include:

  • Water Resources: The Water group  developed comments on the Northern Integrated Supply Project for the Larimer League to send to the Army Corps of Engineers. These comments were approved by the Administrative Team.
  • Fracking: The Fracking group is focused on issues of fracking, its impacts, and its (potential) regulation.
  • Renewable Energy: The Renewable Energy group has developed and disseminated resource and contact information for all the providers of wind and solar power in Larimer County. You can download this free resource!

Meeting Schedule and Coordinator Contact Information

Environmental Action Team- All Groups

Third Wednesday of the Month 9:30 AM at Pathways Hospice  |  Contact: Vicky McLane    environmentalaction@lwv-larimercounty.org

Water Group

Second Wednesday of the month, 10:30 AM   |   Bob Viscount   rrviscount@gmail.com   970-223-5975

Fracking Group

Second Monday of the month, 10 AM   |  Contact Trish Miller   trishhm@frii.com   970-498-9169

Renewable Energy Group

Second Wednesday of the month, 9:00 AM   |   Peg La Point   tnplapoint@msn.com   970-940-231-2123


Forty years from now

Children will live in a world

Shaped by our choices.

~Gregory C. Johnson, Climate Change Science 2013