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The Voter Service Team is the most visible face of LWVLC to the public. Its work is the bedrock of the League with its voter registration activities, voter education and campaigns to get out the vote. 

Read more about our work and many activities below. Also, be sure to check out the Hot Topics section for Local, State, and National news.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Team Activities:
Voter Registration – Voter registration drives are organized and held all year long at various venues including, high schools, colleges, food banks and community centers. Many LWVLC members as well as non-League members help to make our events a success. - Invite local candidates to provide background info and answer a few unbiased questions relevant to the office they are seeking. Post our local ballot issue pamphlet information. links to Colorado voter registration and provides voters with a personalized ballot where they can compare candidates and study the ballot issues. Check it out by clicking here: Vote 411

Ballot Issues – We research, write, and publish unbiased pro-con pamphlets on local issues. Our speakers review local and state issues in order to give talks to League members and community groups. Local and state pamphlets are distributed to many locations in the County.

Candidate Forums
– Our organizer arranges for venues and contacts candidates to coordinate dates and candidate availability. We enlist and train members to help as moderators, question sorters, ushers, and timers. Sample candidate questions are drafted for use with audience questions.

– We email, text, and send postcard reminders to newly registered voters. Our goal for the future is to collaborate with other non-partisan groups to expand efforts.

Hot Topics


News from Voter Services Team Meeting:


Many voter registration events are now planned for this fall. Please help if you can. Check with Linda or watch your inbox for details.

Linda gave a report on Native American voting. She got great information from Tiffany Kelly, CSU organizer for Native Americans with the Native American Cultural Center. Native Americans did not get the vote until 1924 and had to fight for the right
state by state.

Marge has been working with the Fuerza Latina group to teach the steps in voting; information on issues and candidates. She reported that it is helpful to have a Spanish-speaking community member act as mediator.

Complete minutes for LWV members are available in documents after approval at following month's meeting.

Fall Elections:

This election season is shaping up to be fairly busy for an off-year. There are big City Council and Mayor races in Loveland, with 14 candidates confirmed for the ballot. Poudre School District will hold an election, but Thompson will not, due to no unopposed seats. There are also more off-year ballot issues this Fall than in previous years, with 2 for Colorado, 1 for Larimer County, 1 for Poudre School District, and 4 for the City of Loveland. Our team is working hard to research and write-up local issues as well as prepare for presentations. And plans are in the works for candidate forums. Check the League calendar, website and League Lines where more information will be posted as it becomes available.

News from the Colorado Secretary of State:

Referred by the CO Legislature:

Ballot Issue CC:
Retain Revenue for Education and Transportation

Ballot Issue DD:

Authorize and
Tax Sports Betting


For more on this ballot issues, please click on the link below.


Colorado SoS Jena Griswold Kicks-Off 2019-2020 School Year for Eliza Pickrell Routt Award

On the 99th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment, and in honor of the award’s namesake, SoS Jena Griswold is today kicking off the 2019-2020 school year for the Eliza Pickrell Routt Award. The Eliza Pickrell Routt Award is given to Colorado high schools that have 85% of eligible seniors registered to vote.

This award, created in 2016, is named after the first woman registered to vote in Colorado after the state's passage of women's suffrage in 1893. 

New from LWVUS:

(Re)Introducing Vote 411

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of, with a new look and feel this month! Get the election information you need—registering to vote, learning what’s on your ballot, hearing what candidates have to say about the issues, finding your polling place, and more.  is here, every step of the way, to take the guesswork out of voting.

Restore the Voting Rights Act:
August 6 was the 54th anniversary of the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA), a landmark piece of voting rights legislation. However, the Supreme Court’s Shelby County v. Holder decision in 2013 overturned an essential provision of the VRA. Since Shelby, voter ID laws, gerrymandering, and voter purges have created barriers to voting for all people—especially young people and communities of color—in 20 states across our country.

Congress currently has legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act but has taken no action despite mounting evidence of voter discrimination. Speak out for voting rights, contact your Representative, ask them to support HR4.

Contact your Representative...

Check out our Complete Election Resources Page for
Comprehensive Voter Information
Election Resources

Ever wonder who can vote and what rules govern voting in Colorado? Following are the eligibility rules to register and to vote in Colorado:

  • You are a United States Citizen
  • You can pre-register at age 16; you must be at least 17 to vote in a primary
    election IF you will be 18 years old on or by the election date.
  • You can pre-register at 16 years old; you must be at least 18 to vote in any other

  • You are a Colorado resident for at least 22 days immediately before the election
    in which you intend to vote.
  • You are not currently serving a term of imprisonment for a felony conviction;
    if on parole you CAN register AND vote as of July 1, 2019.
    Learn more at
    Voting and Conviction Colorado SOS

Find answers to frequently asked questions from Larimer County and the Secretary of State.  Colorado Sec. of State      Larimer County