Fair Districts Colorado looks to improve state’s 10-year map drawing

 The following is a press release from Fair Districts Colorado: The League of Women Voters of Colorado and former state Representative Kathleen Curry (Gunnison) have filed three new ballot initiatives aimed at improving Colorado’s often contentious redistricting process. The broad coalition supporting the initiatives under the umbrella of Fair Districts Colorado (www.fairdistrictscolorado.com) includes significant bipartisan … More Fair Districts Colorado looks to improve state’s 10-year map drawing

LWVLC Announces Admin 2017-2018 Team

The Administrative Team members for 2017-18 Include: Spokesperson Sarah Pitts Facilitator Sandy Brooks Secretary/Archivist Carole Carnahan Treasurer/Financial Officer Sheri Stevens Financial Development Coordinator Nancy Tellez Leadership Development Chair Ruth Long Public Relations Coordinator Jane Everham Calendar/Meeting Coordinator Susan Mathre Events Planning Coordinator Anne Hall New Teams/Groups: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Group will hold regular meetings with current … More LWVLC Announces Admin 2017-2018 Team

CrossCurrents: Strengthening Community Trust

On June 22 at 7 PM our CrossCurrents team will be hosting a panel discussion entitled:   “Strengthening Community Trust: The Proposed Ordinance” Panelists include:  Phil Cafaro, CSU Professor Glen Colton, Concerned Citizen Kim Baker Medina, Immigration Attorney Ernesto Sagas, Ph.D., CSU Professor of Ethnic Studies We invite you to join us for the live … More CrossCurrents: Strengthening Community Trust

Political but Non-Partisan: LWV Member Guidelines

The resurgence of civic activism makes this a very exhilarating time! To help us all better understand the scope and limits on our local League’s activism, the Admin Team put together the following FAQs with guidance from the Colorado LWV Board of Directors. Q1: Can League members be active in political or partisan public activities? … More Political but Non-Partisan: LWV Member Guidelines

Local Election News!

It’s been less than four months since the national election but local elections are looming large this spring!  On April 4, Fort Collins voters will go to the polls (by mail) to elect a  mayor and city council-people.  On April 11 Loveland voters will select a representative for Ward 3. The League of Women Voters … More Local Election News!

Crosscurrents: Funding Transportation Needs

Given both current and projected growth in Northern Colorado and across the Front Range, the demands on our transportation system are increasing dramatically.  Sadly, funds to keep up with needs (both for existing infrastructure and expansion) lag far behind. Join us on February 23, 2017 at 7 pm for a CrossCurrents examination: “How to Fund … More Crosscurrents: Funding Transportation Needs

Channel Energy into Productive (Local) Activism

Want to get politically active? Wondering where to channel that energy? You’re in the right place! Our mantra “Making Democracy Work for All” drives our actions here and at the hundreds of Leagues in every state and at the national level. Did you know that our members are men as well as women? February marks … More Channel Energy into Productive (Local) Activism