Past Issues Under Study

Past  studies have included the following  topics:

Money in Politics- 2015

This is an important new League study that was adopted at the League’s national convention in June of 2016. The Study included a comprehensive investigation of changes to fundamental structures of American democracy, consisting of:

  • The impact of the Citizens United and McCutcheon US Supreme Court decisions and available remedies; e.g., amendment of the US Constitution, mitigating legislation.
  • Review and update of the League’s position on campaign finance to encompass the new schemes and structures used to influence elections and erode protections against corruption in our political process.
  • Review the federal redistricting process for the purpose of developing action steps.

LWV-Larimer County’s chairs for the Study were Barbara Hansen and Sarah Pitts.

Click here to read the LWVUS Report of Money in Politics: Developing a Common Understanding of the Issues A Primer for Engagement of League Members and Fellow Citizens – 2014

Agriculture Study- 2014

This comprehensive study examined a wide range of agriculture related issues including:

  • Economic Health of the Agricultural Sector
  • Animal Management
  • Research and Development
  • Food Safety
  • Food Labeling

Click here to view report.

Fracking Study- 2011

At the 2011 League of Women Voters of Colorado convention, delegates voted to begin a study on Hydraulic Fracturing. Since that time, a state committee met to determine the focus of the study, research materials, and develop consensus questions. At that time, local Leagues to became involved. Our consensus meeting was held in January, 2013. Read the entire document HERE.

Education Study- 2010

Beginning in late fall of 2010, the Education Study committee of LWV of Larimer County studied issues involved in “The Role of the Federal Government in Public Education” as part of a national study sponsored by the League of Women Voters- National.  The study focused on two major areas: funding and equity issues which are addressed under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and the common core standards/assessments which are required for many federal grant programs.

The purpose of the study, in which local Leagues from throughout the nation participated, was to study and research the issues in each of the major areas, leading to a discussion of the consensus questions (prepared by the national LWV) at local meetings of  League chapters.  Local Leagues report their consensus (or lack thereof) on each question to the national committee.  These reports are then consolidated and form the basis of a position adopted by the national League.  Advocacy and action taken by the League are based on these positions, which in turn come from extensive study and research by hundreds of local chapters of the League.

The study group recommends the YouTube video here for an important perspective from this study and Colorado’s educational challenges.