Voter Services Update

Water Board Election

With about 1700 votes cast, the turnout for the May 8th FCLWD Board election was approximately 5 times greater than the last election in 2016. Although this only represents 10% of those eligible to vote, it does show improvement and greater interest by FCLWD customers. LWVLC, through our education efforts on Vote411 and the candidate forum, contributed to the improved numbers.

Voter Registration

Our voter registration crew has been busy.  We’ve held 26 events with 8 more to go before the June 26th primary.  We not only register and update voting information, but also let people know about our upcoming primary and our website so they can be informed voters.  Over the next 5 weeks we’ll be at NoCo Health Network, Wexford Independent Living Center, both Food banks, Goodwill, IBMC, Mothers Against Guns event, and the Girls’ Leadership camp in mid-June.   Additionally, several of our circulators will be attending the jail training for volunteers on May 23rd. This training is required to register eligible inmates in the fall at the Larimer County Jail.   If any of this calls to you, please contact Linda Thomas for more information.

Primary Election

The primary ballots have been finalized and may be viewed on the Larimer County Clerk’s website at  Over the next couple weeks, LWVCO and LWCLC will be working to populate with information on primary candidates.

Fall Election

We are looking ahead to the busy Fall election season and hoping to get more Leaguers involved in our activities. While most of these won’t gear up until mid to late August, please consider now whether you might be able to help. Come to one of our meetings!  All are welcome!

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9:30 A.M. Please contact Barbara Hansen for location.

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