Help Shape Colorado’s Campaign and Political Finance Rules

What is this about?

Secretary Williams is considering amendments to the Colorado Rules Concerning Campaign and Political Finance (8 CCR 1505-6). The amendments are intended to achieve the uniform and proper administration and enforcement of Colorado campaign and political finance laws. We invite you to share your thoughts and recommendations as we develop a preliminary draft of the proposed rules.

Please review the attached working draft. The following highlights the primary goals of the proposed rulemaking:

  • Ensure proper administration of legislation (HB18-1047) recently passed by the Colorado General Assembly;
  • Establish uniformity in the administration of current law;
  • Permanent adoption of temporary Rule 18.2.4 (our office originally adopted this rule on 10/25/17. Due to a typo that confused the purpose of the rule, we temporarily adopted corrective amendments on 1/5/18. We continued that version through a temporarily re-adoption on 5/4/18.)
  • Eliminate obsolete provisions; and
  • Simplify the language of existing rules.

Why does the Secretary need my help?

The Secretary values your feedback and we would very much like to hear your thoughts. We need your help to identify necessary revisions or additional guidance in order to propose a constructive and comprehensive draft rule for consideration during the rulemaking proceedings. Overall, we invite your opinions and recommendations to help shape Colorado’s Campaign and Political Finance Rules.

How do I submit my comments and what is the deadline?

You may email your comments to To ensure consideration of your comments before we issue the proposed draft, please submit your comments by 5:00 p.m. on May 23, 2018.

Will my comments become part of the official record for the anticipated rulemaking?

Yes, we will incorporate your comments into the official record when we commence with formal rulemaking. Our office will identify your comments as information received in anticipation of rulemaking to support the development of the proposed draft rule. Please note that you will have an additional opportunity to provide testimony and/or written comments regarding the proposed rule during the rulemaking proceeding.

To promote transparency and to help generate discussion, our office will post a copy of your comments on the Secretary of State’s website. We appreciate privacy concerns and will redact personal contact information that may appear in your comments prior to posting (including your home address, personal email address, and telephone number). To view the comments that we receive, please visit:


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