Larimer LWV Receives Youth Voter Registration Grant

The League of Women Voters of Larimer County (LWVLC) received a $1000 grant this spring from the National League of Women Voters to encourage voter registration and voter turn-out of our youth ages 18-24.  Young people have the lowest voting turnout in the country with only about 50% registered.   Registration drives were held at high schools, colleges, and technical schools across Larimer County this spring for a total of 383 young people registering to vote.

The grant monies have been used to buy bookmarks to provide young people an unbiased source for voting information on candidates and ballot issues.  The grant monies also purchased  Reminder to Vote cards which students were encouraged to fill out making a pledge to vote in the upcoming elections. These cards will be mailed to students in advance of the Primary on June 26th.  In the fall, students will receive texts or emails reminding them it’s time to vote in the November general election .  Linda Thomas, Voter Registration Organizer for the Larimer League, says, “Having young people start good voting habits early is the key to them becoming life-time voters.”


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