League’s Redistricting Reform Action

Dear League Member;

Here is the latest update on the League’s Redistricting Reform Action. 

Hooray!! Two redistricting measures that the League is supporting have passed the state Senate State Affairs Committee unanimously as well as Legislative Council. SCR18-004 and SCR18-005 probably will be heard on second reading on 4/27/18 and third on 4/27/18 then on to the House after going through the Senate Appropriations Committee.

As we wait for the outcome from this legislative process, please make time to become educated on these two measures. 

Here is the latest summary information on the two measures. Please feel free to download or view online this 04202018 Handout SCR18-004 & SCR18-005 that covers “What This Proposal Does” along with an updated  listing of “Supporting Organizations, Individuals and Election Officials”. On the last page, please find a “Comparison Chart with Commission, Criteria, Communities of Interest, Prohibitions, Transparency, Maps and Review information comparing the current method to the proposed”.


04202018 Handout SCR18-004 and SCR18-005

 Questions in the meantime, please reach out to  Jean Fredlund at jandjfredlund@comcast.net or 303-428-5420

Thanks for your attention and interest in this important issue.

  • Toni Larson, 
  • LWVCO President
  • and Jean Fredlund, 
  • Member-at Large LWVCO State Board
  • Chair, LWVCO Redistricting Committee

 League of Women Voters of Colorado (LWVCO) is a nonpartisan membership organization that works to empower voters and defend democracy. More at lwvcolorado.org

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