Spring Election Updates

April 3 Elections in Wellington, Timnath, and Berthoud

Candidate Forums

Did you see the Fort Collins Coloradoan front page news articles for two days running on the Candidate Forums for Timnath and Wellington?  Great election coverage!  And great PR for LWVLC.

As reported in March LL, Timnath Candidate Forum was on Monday, March 19 7-9 pm and Wellington Candidate Forum was on Wednesday, March 21 7-9 pm.  

Click on the red link to watch the Wellington Candidate Forum.

If you missed the Timnath forum, you can watch the tape of it here!

Vote 411 Candidate Questions on Line

Candidates for the April 3 elections in Wellington, Timnath and Berthoud have responded to questions asked by our VOTE411.org team and are available to view.  If you are not in any of these areas, you may check out responses by going to www.VOTE411.org, adding your address and zip, and then look for the 3 parallel bars, click and select “races”; follow leads to the races.  It’s fun to compare the candidates and know a little about each as you read about them in the news later.

Voter Registration

The Voter Registration circulators have been very busy with 10 events since February 9.  We have registered or changed addresses for 187 people.  Additionally, 75 voter registration forms & envelopes were sent with people to fill out (did not have a driver’s license or CO ID) and mail to the County Clerk’s office.

New, as part of grant money from LWVUS, we’re asking people who complete voter registration to fill out information on a “Reminder to Vote” postcard; the reminders will be sent by postcard, email, or text when ballots are mailed.  We’ve collected 127 Reminder to Vote cards.

Unaffiliated Voter Rulesunnamed(1)

We are also informing all voters of Colorado’s new rules for Unaffiliated Voters to participate in the June 26 primary election.  Unaffiliated voters may receive more than one ballot for the primary – Republican and Democrat –  unless they made a specific party choice for the primary.  Please notify family and friends – VOTE ONLY 1 PRIMARY BALLOT or none will count.


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