CrossCurrents Announces New Program

CrossCurrents is pleased to announce a new program,  scheduled for April 5 at 7 PM in the City Council Chambers in Fort Collins.  CrossCurrents will host a discussion on:

The Threat to Our Vote:  Is It Real?

What Happens In Colorado from the time a Citizen requests Voter Registration to after all the ballot are cast to ensure an election that is secure and accurate! Join our Panel of Election Official and Concerned Citizens as we look at what steps Colorado has taken to answer this question!

Panelists for this episode include the following:

  • Pam Anderson, Executive Director, Colorado County Clerks Association
  • Dwight Shellman, Election Division, Colorado Sec. of State
  • Elizabeth Steele, Elections Director, Common Cause
  • John Young, Coloradoan Columnist, FRCC Instruction
  • Moderator: Barbara Rutstein

CrossCurrents Archives

If you’ve missed previous CrossCurrents programs and want to get all caught up, please visit the CrossCurrents Archives.  The League is grateful for its partnership with the City of Fort Collins in producing and airing these programs.

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