Book Club Resources for Glow Kids

Author Bio:

Book Review: Why calling screen time ‘digital heroin’ is digital garbage – The Verge

Book review:

Discussion Questions:

  • Remember our past when we didn’t have all this technology.
  • Any good things with all this technology? What do you think it’s done to our attention capabilities?  It is not just a problem for kids – share your own experience with technology.
  • Technology and all this information at our fingertips rob children’s innocence (porn sights and violence) yet also extend their adolescence – “delayed social adulthood or failure to launch” especially the young men. Describe what you have seen with family or friends
  • NBC had a news segment recently about screen time with young people. Teenagers use technology 80 x a day.  How has this technology – cell phones, Facebook, texting –  affected social relationships?
  • Schools and technology companies say Computers, technology are the answers to solving education problems. That the benefits are faster reaction time, improved eye-hand coordination, pattern recognition, keeping children safe by keeping them inside. Do you agree students need this to be successful later in life?pexels-photo-691188                                       Is there a better age to begin technology?
  • Some schools promote personalized instruction via computer programs – describe how technology could replace teachers and help students learn better? Or not, if you disagree.




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