Voter Services Update

Caucuses and Party Affiliation

If you are interested in the caucus-process as it relates to the new Colorado laws about the primaries and unaffiliated voters, you missed a fast-paced discussion at the last voter service team meeting!  Lots of questions.  We are working to unravel the details.  Look for the February Op Ed piece in the Coloradoan and other county papers in early February.

Caucuses for both the Republican and Democrat parties are the evening of Tuesday, March 6; their political business meetings that are lively.  The last day to affiliate with a party was January 8th.

If you chose to withdraw your voter registration in 2017 because of the Presidential Commission looking at voter fraud, that commission has been disbanded.  We urge you to re-register to vote at or

Spring Elections

It’s 2018 there will be an election for the Board of Trustees in Wellington, Berthoud and Timnath in April.  The Northern Colorado Health District will elect new board members in May. Of course, the November 2018 election will be hot and fun.

If you live in Wellington, Timnath or Berthoud, the Voter Service Team would like to receive information on issues for the April elections.  We write questions for the website as well as initial ones for the candidate forums.  Please contact Sally Broste: at  We will appreciate your help.  You can just send news articles as you find them or write questions.

The Voter Service Team is ready for you to volunteer: will be activated for all elections in April, May and November.  If you like to work with computer programs, contact Anne Thompson:  You will be trained and work with a team of Larimer leaguers.  Hours are flexible for your schedule.

Dates and times will be determined soon for Candidate Forums for the April elections.  Always in the evenings.  Please contact Sharron (Sheri) Stevens:  Be an usher, question sorter or timer.

Voter Registration will be gearing up with 2018 voter registration at high schools as well as other venues.  All persons who have in the past or wish to in the future work on voter registration drives need to contact Linda Thomas:  Each year we need to renew voter registration policies with the Secretary of State.  Be part of the grant we received from LWVUS.

Our next Voter Service Team Meeting is Tuesday, February 13 at 9:30.
YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US. Please contact Sally Broste: at  

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