Spokesperson’s Corner: 2018 Planning Meeting

We start 2018 with our annual LWVLC Program Planning meeting Tuesday, Jan. 16th, at 6 pm at Pathways, 305 E. Carpenter, Ft Collins.

Program Planning is one of my favorite meetings because it is our time to come together to discuss and propose a prioritized list of issues and programs of education and action and deliver it to LWVUS. All local LWVs are going through this same process and all of us locals are submitting our opinions/proposals to LWVUS for its consideration as possible agenda items at the June, 2018 LWVUS Convention in Chicago.

If you haven’t received your Program Planning Packet via email, please let me know right away.  Remember, if you have opinions and ideas about our work in the League, attend and speak up!  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PACKET.

FYI, the LWVUS Board recommends continued priority on the Campaign for Making Democracy Work®. The key elements include: championing voting rights; voter protection and mobilization; election reform, campaign finance/money in politics; and redistricting. An internal focus is on strengthening the LWV brand and establishing a continuum to engage new and future activists around LWV’s core issues.

LWVUS Board suggests no new national studies. However, a local California league is asking all locals to support its recommendation for a national study on artificial intelligence. LWV-Palos Verdes has put together a very interesting write up on its proposal which you will find in the back of your PP Packet. The thrust of the proposal is that we need to educate ourselves on the issues related to AI and identify those issues ripe for regulation/legislation. The message is that the progress in AI technology is exploding and the public and legislators don’t understand what is at stake for all of us.

On the issues of redistricting for both state legislative districts and for Congressional districts, I want to thank Kathleen Schmidt for being our point person on redistricting issues. Reinforcements would be most welcome!

Although this PP meeting is focused on national LWV, we will briefly discuss the LWVCO-endorsed CO Constitutional amendment ballot issues being submitted by Fair Districts CO.  See LWVCO website for more information.

Thanks, too, to Sandy Brooks and her operational study team which submitted its recommendation to Admin Team in December that LWVLC use Club Express as a comprehensive platform for all LWVLC operations and administrative and team-related records and activities. Demonstrations of Club Express and how it works will be on display at the PP meeting.

Big thank you, too, to member, George Garklavs, for his great photos that captured all the merriment and fun at the LWVLC Holiday Party on Dec. 1st.

See you on Jan 16th!

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