Voter Services Celebrates Successful End to 2017

Voter Registration Celebrates Democracy in Action

The Voter Service Team of Larimer County LWV worked almost continuously in 2017 on elections, even though this was an “off year”.  A huge thank-you to all who volunteered along with team members to make voter registration and voter education happen, and encourage participation in our democracy. Election Information Team organized the website two times for the April and November elections. Anne Thompson, Annette DeMartine and Rachel Van Houten worked with the Voter Service Team to write questions for the candidates, used the web process to contact candidates and encourage them to provide bio-information and answer the questions.  Ballot Issues were added to the website as soon as they were available.   The team worked with Dawn Cyr and Carrie Bennett to write Facebook posts advertising

Local Ballot Issues Team

Lynn Young organized the research, writing and publishing. Ballot Issues are an important project for our league.  Community members continue to appreciate the pro-con ballot issue pamphlet we research and write.  In 2017 we had five issues to include: two for Larimer (Ranch funding, term limits), two for Fort Collins (broadband and marijuana), one for Downtown Development Authority for Loveland.
Thanks to Mary Dietrich and Sarah Pitts, our pamphlet was well researched and written.  A total of 5500 pamphlets were printed, and most got distributed.  Issues that we found out about after we had started on the local were late comers to the ballot for Timnath, Wellington and Berthoud and we did not cover those.

Ballot Issues Presentations

Barbara Hansen coordinated the speakers and events. In October 88 people attended 5 presentations (two private events, three public events) about the local ballot issues on the November ballot. Sonia Koetting and Sarah Pitts presented. Anne Hall and Vicky McLane provided public meeting support. Jane Everham advertised for the presentations.

Candidate Forums

Karen Wagner, Sheri Stevens and Marge Norskog organized the Candidate Forums in 2017. Thank you to the 33 volunteers for working forums in March for Fort Collins Mayor and City Council, and a special March election to fill the vacant Loveland City Council Ward 3 seat, and in November for the Poudre School Board, the Thompson School Board, and Loveland Mayor and City Council.

Volunteers were Sheri Stevens, Karen Wagner, Marge Norskog, Sidna Rachid, Lillys Price, Joyce Trujillo, Mary Dietrich, Sally Broste, Ruth Long, Kathy Frasier, Debbie Lewis, Carrie Bennett, Jane Clevenger, Barbara Hansen, Linda Hutchinson, Carol Rush, Amy Forgue, Carolyn Taylor, Arietta Wiedmann, Loretta Hogg, Sharon Wittstock, Amy Holly, Anne Thompson, Lynn Young, Sarah Pitts, Kathleen Schmidt, Karen Axtell, Linda Thomas, Jody Deschenes, Nancy Garcia, Elise Kind, Barb Irelan, Nels Broste.


Mary Lou Linton, keeper of our publications and arranger for delivery.
Thank you to all people who helped distribute publications throughout 2017, including Marilyn Heller, Trish Warner, Mary Jo Shafer, Andrea Carter-Fulton, Bill Thompson, Leslie Walker, Linda Hutchinson, Carol Rush, Linda Mahan.  Our publications must be located where people can find  them to read and use.

Voter Registration Drives in 2017

Linda Thomas registers our Voter Registration Drives with the Secretary of State’s office and coordinates all activities and events.

Thank you to all those who volunteered for voter registration events.  40 circulators who helped at one or more of our 52 .  Several even drove 1 ½ hours to the Denver area to register voters at several Naturalization Ceremonies.

By the end of 2017 we will have registered about 750 people.  74% of our registrations came from 16 visits to high schools in Thompson and Poudre School Districts.  Most of the students will be eligible to vote in the June or November elections of 2018.
Volunteers for  Voter Registration: Linda Thomas, Marilyn Heller, Jane Clevenger, Carol Rush, Richard Rush, Loretta Hogg, Arietta Wiedmann (fluent Spanish), Bill Thompson, Jane Thompson, Dick Heyman, Jim Thomas, Bonnie Urie, Nancy McDuffie, Karla Lauritsen, Susan Mathre, Jennifer Bonnart, Kathy Graybill, Janet Fritz, Lauren DeRosa, Karen Boegler, Kathleen Schmidt, Karen Artell, Sharon Wittstock, Leslie Walker, Marge Norskog, Elise Kind, Diane Glessner, Ticie Rhodes, Tom Rhodes, Nels Broste, Sally Broste, Anne Thompson, Ann Keith, Hazel Gibson (Greeley LWV), Rosemary Coslit, Linda Vescio, Barbara Hansen, Pat Griego, Julie Pass, Judy Weaver.

One goal of the Voter Service Team for 2017 was to continue to reach those who were under-registered.  We learned that many people with criminal convictions didn’t know their voting rights, sponsored a workshop in June with Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CCJRC) of Denver, and since have been spreading the word.  We’ve distributed information cards and posters to Poudre District Libraries, Windsor and Loveland libraries, shelters and food banks in Fort Collins and Loveland, Loveland Salvation Army, the Edge, Matthew House, and the Murphy Center.  With the help of Laurie Stolen, Director of Larimer County Alternative Sentencing Division, we’ll be also giving posters and information cards to the Alternative Sentencing Division (ASD), Community Corrections, local Parole office and the Probation Department.  Some who have registered said they thought they would never vote again.

CCJRC Sign and Card Distribution

Linda Thomas and Linda Vescio distributed CCJRC Posters and the new small Palm cards to the following places in Loveland:  Loveland Day Shelter, Front Porch Ministries, Salvation Army, Neighbor to Neighbor and Loveland Library. And in Fort Collins:  Fort Collins Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities Northern Fort Collins, Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center, Neighbor to Neighbor Complex, Larimer Food Bank, Matthews House/Fullana Learning Center, and Alternative Sentencing Division/Laurie Stolen who will also provide them to Community Corrections, Parole office and Probation Department.

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