Voting Rights Are Not a Given

The League of Women Voters has been working for voter’s rights for almost 100 years. The Larimer County League of Women Voters is active year round registering new voters. Currently there is a concern for voter suppression and the Larimer League is working to get citizens who cancelled their registration in response to the Election Integrity Commission to re-register.

An even greater concern is the fact that 4.4 million US citizens are not allowed to vote in national elections. A recent article  in the Washington Post shares more details than you could ever need to know about this odd and distressing circumstance.

Join Us!

On November 3, a speaker from Washington DC will present in Fort Collins on the effort residents of DC are making to win the right to vote in national elections. In the last municipal election in Fort Collins, 28% of registered voters participated. Can’t vote vs won’t vote – an interesting conundrum.

Come join the conversation. Event details will be shared on this website soon.

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