Voter Services Team Update

Criminal Justice Coalition 

After the June 13th Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition presentation and armed with the information about voting rights for individuals with criminal backgrounds, our voter registration circulators successfully register 2 individuals who believed they could no longer vote.  It was rewarding to register these citizens and reinstate their right to vote.  They appreciated our efforts in educating them about the law and giving them a chance to participate again in our democracy.  We look forward to reaching more individuals with this information.

Girls’ State

girls-stte-registringRachel Van Houten works with Girls State, a week-long mock government and leadership program for young ladies who have completed their junior year of high school. This summer the camp director requested a voter registration table for one evening.

Two members of the LWVLC voter service team, joined by 2 members of the Greeley League, went to Greeley on June 15 to register girls attending the Girls’ State Convention.  The 48 young women who registered to vote were excited to be doing so and appreciative of us going to Greeley.

It was an extra effort to mail each of the registration forms to the city clerks in counties throughout the state.  Thank you to Linda Thomas for coordinating this voter registration drive with Greeley LWV members.

Voter Service has registered a total of 276 people this year.

Fall Elections

It’s time to start planning for 2017 fall elections.  The Voter Service Team met July 11. If you would like to help with candidate forums, ballot issues, voter registration, or help with our voter information website,  please contact Sally Broste

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