Spokesperson’s Message: Colorado Convention Recap

Lynn Young and Sandy Brooks and their big crew of volunteers, our LWVLC delegates, and speakers K-Lynn Cameron and Vicky state-convention-2017McLain did a great job welcoming and educating delegates from around the state to the Colorado League of Women Voters State Convention May 19-20. Major actions taken at State Convention were

  • agreement to convert from an IRS 501c-4 to a 501c-3 status and
  • to adopt by consensus the Boulder County LWV’s position statement favoring alternative voting methods, which will be published soon.

Kudos to the Public Relations team members who volunteered to partner with the Poudre River Library in presenting a three part civics education series to the public.  City of Fort Collins Public Access Network recorded one of the programs for broadcast.   Click HERE to view the Civics 101 talk.

These programs address questions such as

  • is an executive order a law? [No]
  • how many presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives ? [Two – Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton];
  • how many have been convicted by the Senate? [None];
  • does the Constitution mention God or say the US is a Christian nation? [No];
  • does the Constitution say that the President and Congress must abide by a US Supreme Court decision? [No].

Want to be better informed about federal, state and local civics? Please contact me so we can get together in small groups for study and discussion.

I just came back from a 2 1/2 week vacation and was in France when M. Macron was elected president.  It was interesting to see the many rows of outdoors election stations. Quite a contrast to the relatively invisible Colorado mail-in ballot process!

The Administrative Team will hold its annual retreat on June 22nd to determine leadership roles, liaison responsibilities to the various LWVLC teams, and to do preliminary calendar scheduling.  Please let me know if you have ideas, suggestions, comments for Admin consideration.

Happy Summer!

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