Navigate Choices in April’s Local Elections

In the next week or so, voters in Fort Collins and Loveland will start seeing ballots arrive in their mailboxes.  Local elections like these sometimes see dismal turnout because citizens are unaware that the elections are happening or feel like they don’t have enough information to make an informed decision.  Although municipal elections like these don’t get broad media attention like those for state and federal office, local leaders make a tremendous difference on your everyday quality of life and the look and feel of your community.

League of Women Voters Helps you Get Informed

question-mark-1872665_640To combat the lack of information about local candidates, the League of Women Voters of Larimer county hosted a candidate forum in each city this spring and has posted information about each of the candidates online.  Please check out both of these valuable resources so you can make informed decisions and cast your ballot.  Election information for each city also follows the candidate information.

Read the Candidates Responses to League Questions Online

Simply enter your address at and you can see who the candidates and questions that will be on your ballot.  Take your time reading more information about each one.  In addition to candidates’ answers to specific questions, you can find contact information for each candidate that can be used to ask additional questions directly.


Watch the Candidates Respond to Audience Questions at Candidate Forums

Fort Collins candidates for Mayor and City Council Districts 1,3, and 5

CLICK HERE to watch the Fort Collins Forum now!

Loveland candidates for City Council Ward III

CLICK HERE to watch the Loveland Forum now!

Ballot and Voting Information

Ballots for the Fort Collins Election will be mailed out by March 20 and are due by 7:00 PM on April 4.  If you have questions, contact Wanda Winkelmann at City Hall West, 300 LaPorte Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80521, email or call 970.221.6515.

Ballots for the Loveland Election will also be mailed out by March 20 and are due by 7:00 PM on April 11.  If you have questions, contact the Loveland City Clerk’s office by calling
970-962-2717 or email or

Voter Registration

You must be registered to vote to participate in local elections.  Deadlines for how early you must be registered vary by city.  Register online through the Colorado Secretary of State Website. Contact the City Clerks listed above for deadlines and late registration options for your particular area.


2 thoughts on “Navigate Choices in April’s Local Elections

  1. Eligible voter may register to vote up to Election Day in all locations in Colorado. Go to the city clerk in Fort Collins or Loveland on Election Day to register and vote at the same time – before 7 pm.


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