Local Election News!

ballot-1294935It’s been less than four months since the national election but local elections are looming large this spring!  On April 4, Fort Collins voters will go to the polls (by mail) to elect a  mayor and city council-people.  On April 11 Loveland voters will select a representative for Ward 3.

The League of Women Voters of Larimer County will be hosting candidate forums so voters can get to know the candidates better and vast informed votes.  Join us on the following dates and times:

Candidate forum for Fort Collins City Election for Mayor and City Council members for Districts 1,3, and 5

  • Thursday, March 9 from 7-9 PM at Fort Collins City Chambers at 300 LaPorte Avenue, Fort Collins.
  • The forum will be televised on Channel 14 and replayed on Channel 14 before the election on April 4.

Candidate form for Loveland’s Ward 3 City Council member

  • Tuesday, March 14  from 7-8 PM in the Loveland City Council Chambers, 500 E. 3rd Street, Loveland.
  • This forum will also be televised on Channel 16 and replayed on Channel 16 before the election on April 11.

Stay tuned for more information about the candidates and their positions on local issues on Vote411.org.

Remember: Ballots will be due April 4 for the Fort Collins election and on April 11 for the election in Loveland.

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