Crosscurrents: Funding Transportation Needs

Given both current and projected growth in Northern Colorado and across the Front Range, the demands on our transportation system are increasing dramatically.  Sadly, funds to keep up with needs (both for existing infrastructure and expansion) lag far behind.

american-963191_640Join us on February 23, 2017 at 7 pm for a CrossCurrents examination: “How to Fund Our Transportation Needs: Fees, Taxes or Vehicle Miles Traveled”

CrossCurrents is a TV program that provides a public forum for a balanced and fair discussion of controversial issues facing the community.  Moderated by the League, and produced by the City of Fort Collins, the program features panelists with differing points of view in a discussion of issues in the community, county, state, region or country.  CrossCurrents programs are taped before a live audience six to eight times a year and replayed on FCTV and online.

Panelists for the February Program Include:

  • Mark Peterson, Larimer County Engineer
  • Carol Hedges, ED, Colorado Fiscal Institute
  • Terri Blackmore, ED, Northern Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Amy Ford, Communications Director, CDOT


  • Mary Dietrich, League of Women Voters of Larimer County

Viewing CrossCurrents

You can view the program live at the City Council Chambers or watch for the replay on FCTV, Comcast Channel 14 or Channel 881 (an HD channel).  The program will also be shared online.  Follow the links for more information about CrossCurrents. Questions can be directed to Merete Cunningham at

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