Channel Energy into Productive (Local) Activism

Want to get politically active? Wondering where to channel that energy? You’re in the right place!

Our mantra “Making Democracy Work for All” drives our actions here and at the hundreds of Leagues in every state and at the national level. Did you know that our members are men as well as women?

February marks 97 years (since women got the vote), we’ve been busy registering and informing voters, studying and advocating on important local, state and national issues, and protecting citizens’ rights by being fierce watchdogs at every level of government.

Suffragists parade down Fifth Avenue, 1917.  The New York Times Photo Archives

We are non-partisan. We never advocate for or against any political candidate or party. Our focus is issues. And we do make our voice heard.

Issues on our Larimer County LWV agenda include available and affordable health care, affordable housing and homelessness prevention, protecting voting rights and civil rights, restoring integrity to the electoral system, and everything about the environment — alternative energy, water, fracking, climate change.

Read more about each of our issue teams here on our website!

Our Colorado LWV has a large group of experienced LWV volunteers and a paid lobbyist. They are monitoring bills submitted during this session of the Colorado General Assembly and reporting on them in a twice-monthly newsletter, found at the state LWV website, Also at that website, citizens can sign-up to receive Action Alerts regarding bills before the legislators.

We all know that our political system needs citizens who are informed and actively involved. We provide lots of learning opportunities not just on issues, but training and practice using civil discourse to advocate for your own as well as the League’s positions on issues.

yes-1137274_640We invite you, the citizens of Larimer County, to share with us the local issues that concern you. The League wants to assist you with the information, education or advocacy that you want on your concerns. Our calendar is full of public information meetings and advocacy on health care, behavioral health, affordable housing, sustainability, protecting civil liberties and good governance practices.

Please join us in Making Democracy Work for All!

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