League of Women Voters: Nonpartisan AND Strong Advocates

Although many think of the League of Women Voters as a resource during election season, our chapters are active all year, every year!  Since the November election, our league and many others have been more active than ever in continuing to advocate for positions that we have taken.  The League only advocates on issues after careful study and consensus.  We_Can_Do_It!.jpg

Based on these positions, we’re working hard as advocates!  Specifically, the League:

Follow the embedded links to learn more about our advocacy around these important national topics and to find ways to lend your energy to these causes.

If you’re most passionate about local issues here in Larimer County, we hope you’ll check out one of our many local teams and join us in study, deliberation, and advocacy around those causes.  Our existing issue teams include:

Follow the links for each of these teams for the team leaders’ contact information and join us!

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