Issue Team Updates

Our various issue teams are busy as ever studying and advocating for their respective causes.  Check out the latest here.

International Relations Discusses the EU after Brexit

brexit-1477615_640.jpgThe outcome of the United Kingdom referendum on EU membership sent shock waves across the globe. It even caught British voters by surprise. The European Union has helped secure peace in Europe for the past 70 years. Now it faces an uncertain future. Amid a refugee crisis, lingering financial recession and the constant specter of terrorism, unity seems more imperative than ever. But the Brexit vote underscores the complexities of integrating an extremely diverse continent. What will post-Brexit Europe look like, and how can U.S. foreign policy adapt?

International Relations team invites you to join them on Monday, February 6 from 11:30 to 1:30 for a brown-bag lunch at Plymouth Congregational Church (916 W Prospect Rd, Fort Collins) for a Great Decisions for a discussion of the European Union: The Future of Europe.  You can read more about the other Great Decisions topics and dates for this year here.

Healthcare and Civil Liberties Teams Learn about Wellness Court

alcohol-1278876_640Mark Your Calendars for a presentation on the Wellness Court, February 8 at 2:00 at the Harmony Library.

This presentation will explain the Wellness Court held at the Larimer County District Court.  The mission of this Court is to reduce recidivism with persons with mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse by supporting their long term recovery through collaborative efforts with community service providers, thereby providing public safety with cost effective alternatives to incarceration. This event is co-hosted with our Healthcare and Civil Liberties Teams.

Environmental Action Team Meeting Dates:

hands-1786274_640Busy as ever, the Environmental Action Team continues with their busy schedule of meetings.  Check out the dates and topics below to get involved. For meeting location or for more information email

  1. Whole Team Meeting– Meeting February 15. The three groups – Water Resources, Renewable Energy, Fracking –meet together to discuss their activities, events and plans. Currently, the team is deep into discussion on Thornton’s plans to take 20,000 acre feet of water to which they own the rights in Weld County and are reviewing of the Fort Collins activities on  NISP.
  2. Fracking Group– Meeting February 13 at 10 AM to discuss the Bella Romero fracking site in Greeley
  3. Renewable Energy Group– Meeting February 8 at 9 AM
  4. Water Group– Meeting February 8 at 10:30 AM for a discussion of meeting with Representative Jeni Arndt. They will also review of the Poudre River Forum program.


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