Environmental Action Team Update

Busy as ever, the Environmental Action Team has a full slate of meetings coming up.  This team  includes members from the previous Climate Change Team and Sustainability Team and meets in small groups to focus on the four areas of interest that have been identified:

Check out the details below to find the right niche for you and get involved!

Full Team Meeting: January 18, 9:30 AM

Join the full team at Pathways Hospice. Contact Vicky McLane    environmentalaction@lwv-larimercounty.org  At this meeting, the three groups – Water Resources, Renewable Energy, Fracking –meet together to discuss their activities, events and plans.

Fracking Group: January 9, 10 AM

Discussion of collaboration with other groups (LOGIC, etc.) on health and air quality effects of fracking. Contact team leader Trish Miller trishhm@frii.com  for details.

Renewable Energy Group: January 11, 9 a.m.

Discussion of upcoming meeting and other groups working on renewable energy issues.  Contact Sarah Pitts info@lwv-larimercounty.org for more information.

Water Group: January 11, 10:30 AM

Discussion of the paper on the water-energy nexus and review of the Poudre River Forum program on February 3. Contact Bob Viscount   rrviscount@gmail.com  for more information on this group.

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