Spokesperson’s Message:Join Us in Planning 2017

Turning the calendar to 2017 brings with it some trepidation, challenges and, most of all, opportunities.  Many of us are committed to doubling down on our personal efforts to take action to Make Democracy Work for All.

At our Program Planning meeting next Tuesday, January 10th, 6 pm, at Pathways, we will come together to define and prioritize our League’s study and action aims and goals for 2017. The meeting is the epitome of self-determination for our League – a time when we each can speak our mind and then, together, put grass roots organization into action as we come to consensus. Your individual voice is vital to weighing the merits of the many potential topics in front of us.

Please attend on January 10th!

Because night driving is a problem for many of us, please contact me if you would like to get a ride to the meeting or if you’d like to drive others to the meeting.During the meeting, you will be presented with the opportunity to learn more and to participate, if you wish, in current League – national, state and local — action items. Members can view and download the agenda here.

Finally, please join me in thanking Judy and Dan Jacks for their hospitality in hosting our League of Women Voters of Larimer County holiday party.  It was a big turnout of long-time and many new and potential members. And what an extraordinary group of interesting, informed, thoughtful, articulate and energetic men and women!  Together, we are making a difference in our community and our world.

Happy New Year!

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