Year End Message from LWVLC Spokesperson

A heartfelt thank you for your participation and support during the recent – and challenging — 2016 election season.  Many, many voters expressed their appreciation to our Larimer County League of Women Voters for registering voters and, especially, for providing helpful non-partisan voter education information in public presentations, in pamphlets and online on VOTE411.

Election Season Accomplishments Include

  • We researched, wrote, printed and distributed 6,600 local ballot issue pamphlets as well as distributed 6,600 Colorado LWV’s state ballot issue pamphlets;
  • We presented 21 public ballot issues programs to about 800 local residents;
  • We sponsored, organized and moderated public candidate forums in Fort Collins and Loveland, recordings of which we made available online;
  • We contacted all local candidates to get their responses to issues of local concern and posted those unedited responses on, where we also posted state and local ballot issues, background, content and arguments favoring and opposing each ballot issue proposal.

Election Surprises

The election held many surprises. Things that we learned are: political divisions run deeper and are more acrimonious than previously recognized; citizens’ knowledge and understanding of our nation’s founding principles, Constitution and laws are seriously lacking; environmental programs and public education are under attack. We men and women in the League are re-committing ourselves to a deeper and broader civic engagement.

Our Goals

  • To model and promote the art of civil discourse
  • To implement more formal and informal civics education throughout our communities
  • To be informed and effective advocates in support of public health, environmental health and sustainability, and public education.

Your Support

As members and friends of the League, please share your life experiences, civic involvement and ideas for League goals and others that you believe need our combined efforts. Your additional financial support will help power our League toward meeting our common goals.  Larimer County LWV is able to retain only $15 of members’ $65 annual membership dues to fund our many activities.  The remainder of your dues go to the national and state LWVs.

Your donation to LWVLC can be made in three ways:

  • Make a tax deductible donation to our LWV-Larimer County Education Fund through the LWV Colorado web site.  Just follow this link.  PLEASE be sure to note in the instructions that you wish this to apply to the LWV of Larimer County Education Fund.
  • Make a non-tax deductible donation to support our operations, public issues events, CrossCurrents and Great Decisions programs by visiting the donations page on the LWVLC web site and click the DONATE VIA PAY PAL button.  This link will permit you do use a PayPal Account or a Credit Card.
  • Download and complete the form on this link and send your contribution to the address listed on the form.

Thank you very much for your participation and consideration!

Sarah Pitts, Spokesperson, League of Women Voters of Larimer County

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