Book Club to Discuss Righteous Mind

Given the strife and polarization of the 2016 election, timing could not be better for this month’s Informed Voter Book Club.  NOTE- This event was rescheduled from November.

Please join  Wednesday, December 14  at 6:00 PM at Old Firehouse Books to discuss Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt.  This book was selected by our Voter Services Team.

According to the author’s website:book cover.jpg

The Righteous Mind is about one of the hottest topics in the sciences: morality. It’s about how we evolved to live in moral “matrices,” which bind us together around sacred values and then blind us to the truth. It’s about righteousness, moral diversity, politics and religion.

If you can’t make the book club but want to learn more, check out Jonathan Haidt’s 2012 TEDtalk about finding common political ground.

Or check out this 2012 interview with Bill Moyer.

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