Ballot Information Abounds!

Registered Colorado voters should be seeing their ballots arriving by mail this week.  This means “Election Day” has officially started and voters can begin working through the difficult decisions for this year’s election.  Ballots are due by 7:00 PM on the national election day, November 8.

file_004As voters read their ballots, it can be overwhelming.  Many voters feel like it’s difficult to make well informed enough to make smart decisions.  This year’s ballot is particularly challenging simply because of its size.  TV, online, and print media are full of messages from the various campaigns but it’s difficult to know who and what to believe in these messages.  In other cases, voters hear a lot about some issues but very little about others, making it difficult to decide on some of these “smaller” issues.

Get Informed With League of Women Voters Ballot Talks

To help equip voters in sorting through all the election hub-bub, volunteers from the League of Women Voters have been making presentations throughout the community.  These informative talks are meant to present unbiased information about the various issues on the ballot to help voters understand the various amendments, propositions and issues.  Given the time and energy that we put into preparing for the talks, we can attest, there is a lot to learn!  We encourage you to join us at one of two remaining public ballot talks scheduled for Larimer County.

  • In Loveland: October 20  7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Pulliam Bldg. (545 Cleveland, Loveland, CO 80537)
  • In Fort Collins: October 24  6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Harmony Library (4616 S Shields St, Fort Collins, CO 80526)

Get Informed With Print and Online Materials

Whether you can attend a ballot talk or not, print and online materials can help you learn more about the ballot questions.  We encourage to you read more from one (or all!) of the following:

  •– Learn more about the candidates and every ballot question that will show up on your own, personal ballot online.  This sophisticated tool allows users to enter their address and will customize the information you receive to the actual issues and candidates you will see on your ballot.  Simply click on each item on the ballot to read more information.  If you like, you can even record your decision as you go through the mock-ballot and print a record of your ideas to help you complete your actual ballot.
  • The Blue Book– The Colorado Legislative Council Staff compiles this tome of ballot information to help voters understand the background, major provisions, and pro/con sides of each ballot question. This is an excellent resource for all statewide issues. Voters should have received the Blue Book in the mail but it can also be viewed and downloaded online. ¡El guia también está disponible en español!
  • League of Women Voters of Colorado Voting Guide– This handy-dandy guide is available online in English (y en español), through local libraries, from League volunteers, or at any of the League of Women Voters ballot talks.  This guide offers a different, but similarly unbiased summary of the statewide issues as the Blue Book.
  • League of Women Voters of Larimer County Voting Guide– Local issues get less attention given the national and statewide decision on this years ballot.  Realistically, however, it’s the local issues that might have the biggest implications for people’s everyday lives.  From school district bond and mill levies to mental health facilities and broadband, the local ballot is full of important decisions for Larimer County residents. This printed resource is available to download here or pick it up at local public libraries, form League volunteers, or at the ballot talks.



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