Vote411 Helps Untangle Lengthy Ballot

Given the sheer number of issues that Colorado voters will see on their ballot this year, it can be confusing to even know where to begin!  Thankfully, there’s help! provides information about the candidates and issues that will be on YOUR ballot.  Use the site to verify your registration, see all the items that will appear on your ballot, read the candidates unedited responses to questions we posed, and about each of the ballot issues including what those in favor and those opposed say about them.  On Vote411 you can also read more about judicial retention.

The ballot is unusually long this year so be sure to scroll down the full ballot.  WE, in COlorado are fortunate that we use a mail ballot.  This gives each of us the opportunity to take our time educating ourselves and deciding on the candidates and ballot issues.  Because the ballot issues “closest to home” are at the bottom of the ballot, we encourage you to start filling out the ballot starting at the back and moving forward.

If you have questions about or any other voting related issues, please contact Voter Services Team Leader Sally Broste at should begin arriving in registered voters’ mailboxes beginning October 17.


2 thoughts on “Vote411 Helps Untangle Lengthy Ballot

    1. Thanks for asking! Printed copies of the booklets for local issues are currently available at local libraries or at one of our in person ballot talks. We’ll be hosting a public talk on November 24 at the Harmony library. Information from the booklets is also available with Finally, we will also be posting them online Monday, October 17 to coincide with ballots being mailed to voters. Stay tuned to our announcements on Monday if you’d like to download a copy.


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