League Leader Encourages Voting

sally-brosteThe Coloradoan published a column from Voter Services Team Leader Sally Broste last week!  In her column, Sally encourages voters to turn out and participate in the political process.  Sally also gives tips for how to approach the ballot (it’s a long one!), how to get more information before you vote, and more.  We included an excerpt from the column here or you can read the full article online from the Coloradoan.

Our 2016 ballot is long, but you do not have to make all decisions at one time. We are fortunate to have mailed ballots — sent on Oct. 17. A voter can take time to learn about Colorado and Larimer County issues and candidates. It takes more than a simple ad to understand the issues. Seek answers to your questions.

Are you most interested in the schools your kids attend, science and the arts, broadband, health and mental health issues? Start at the bottom of the ballot and make decisions first about local candidates and ballot issues that directly affect your daily life. Then work your way up the ballot!

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