Book Club- August 10

Each month LWV Larimer County hosts an “Informed Voter Book Club.”  These evenings events give community members an opportunity to come together to discuss.  Book club nights are hosted at Old Firehouse Books in Old Town Fort Collins. cover_shadesofblue

This month, come join us at 6:00 PM on August 10 for thoughtful discussion about Shades of Blue edited by Amy Ferris.  According to the publisher:

A silent epidemic, depression affects millions of people and takes dozens of lives every day, while our culture resists frank discussions about mental health issues. The writers in Shades of Blue share real and unforgettable stories of their personal battles with depression, grief, and suicide, offering solidarity, and hope for all those who feel as if they’re struggling alone.

If you find you’re unable to read the book or attend our event, check out this event (video) hosted by This is My Brave, an organization that builds community and a platform for honest discussions around mental health.

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